Notion Band
Notion Band
Provides a collection of high-quality templates, icons, and resources to enhance usability and aesthetics of Notion usage.
Notion Band is a website that offers a comprehensive collection of top-notch Notion templates, icons, illustrations, and other resources for users to enhance their Notion experience. They have a wide range of templates created by leading Notion creators from around the world. The site aims to create a space for people who are seeking the best resources to take their Notion usage to the next level. In addition to templates, they also feature icons and illustrations to add visual appeal to Notion pages. Notion Band invites creators to submit their templates for a chance to be listed among the top Notion templates. The website offers an easy-to-use platform where users can browse through various resources, explore the work of featured creators, and gain inspiration. With a love for Notion and its versatility, Notion Band strives to provide a valuable hub for users to discover and utilize the best that Notion has to offer.