Notion Automations
Notion Automations
Ensures seamless syncing of your workspace with various external services, enhancing workflow efficiency.
Notion Automations is a service that allows users to seamlessly sync their Notion workspace with external services. With the aim of making Notion a true all-in-one workspace, Notion Automations offers plug-and-play automations to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Users can connect their Notion properties with attributes from external tools and choose the direction of sync for specific fields. The service also allows for setting static values for new Notion entries from external services and syncing entries based on selected filtering conditions. Notion Automations currently supports integrations with Google Calendar, Todoist, Google Tasks, Google Contacts, Gmail, and Google Sheets, with more integrations in the pipeline. The service offers three pricing tiers: Solo, Premium, and Pro, each with different numbers of active automations, refresh frequency, and sync timeframe. Notion Automations provides helpful blog articles and a dedicated help center for users to find answers and receive support. The service is not affiliated with Notion Labs, Inc. However, it is developed by a team that loves and uses Notion regularly. Overall, Notion Automations offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to integrate and automate their Notion workspace with external tools, optimizing organization and efficiency.