Nordic APIs
Nordic APIs
A single platform providing access to numerous resources and events focused on API technology and business.
Nordic APIs is a comprehensive platform that offers access to API technology and business information and resources. It provides a wide range of features including API Ebooks, events, and blog posts, catering to a global API community. The platform hosts a variety of resources such as eBooks, blog posts, and events, with topics ranging from API lifecycle management to API documentation best practices and API monetization. One of their upcoming events is the Platform Summit 2023, held in Stockholm, where participants can learn from API thought leaders and enthusiasts, network with industry colleagues, and exchange ideas. In addition, Nordic APIs offers the opportunity for individuals to contribute to their community by writing blog posts, speaking at events, and sponsoring conferences, allowing them to establish new business relationships with key decision makers and influencers in the API space. Overall, Nordic APIs is a valuable resource for API practitioners and enthusiasts, providing high-quality content, networking opportunities, and a thriving community.