A utility app for managing appointments and waitlists, observing customer wait times, and improving service speed.
NextME is a waitlist and queue management app that simplifies the process of managing appointments and waitlists for businesses and event producers. With NextME, businesses can track visits and wait times, engage guests in real-time with a custom virtual waiting room, and grow their business. The app recognizes repeat visitors and auto-populates their information, speeding up service and creating opportunities for rewarding loyalty. Customers only need to provide their phone number, eliminating the need for downloads or sign-ups. The app allows staff to keep track of waiting customers from multiple devices with iOS multi-device syncing. Additionally, NextME offers features such as booking in advance, self check-in, and API integrations to customize the guest intake process. The app is suitable for a wide range of industries including restaurants, dispensaries, veterinary, healthcare, events, beauty & wellness, retail, and repair. NextME has an intuitive interface that allows staff to add customer information twice as fast as the competition, resulting in better service and increased customer satisfaction. The app also helps create an engaging customer experience by offering customized online storefronts and virtual waiting rooms to promote specials and boost eCommerce. NextME provides custom reporting with daily, weekly, and monthly reports to streamline customer service and improve business growth. The app is designed to be user-friendly for staff and allows for easy tracking of guests across multiple devices. With NextME, businesses can attract more customers, ensure a seamless waiting experience, and create new opportunities for growth.