Cloud-based platform that offers real-time network performance monitoring and automation services.
NetSpyGlass is a highly scalable network performance monitoring and automation service that provides real-time visibility for networks of all sizes. It offers customizable solutions to measure and monitor business-level objectives beyond traditional monitoring. With NetSpyGlass, users can easily pinpoint issues and make real-time changes to improve their network's performance. The platform is cloud-based and can be deployed rapidly, getting users up and running within minutes. It offers full programmability, unmatched device-level visibility, and massive scalability. NetSpyGlass also helps customers meet or surpass their committed service levels by ensuring the highest level of network availability. The service automates major data gathering, processing, storage, and reporting tasks, which simplifies network operations and reduces alert fatigue. Users can customize alerts to only receive notifications for issues that impact their business goals, saving time and reducing system load. NetSpyGlass has been trusted by big brands and has received positive feedback for its custom metrics, data visualizations, and the ability to scale to diverse network elements. For more information or to request a trial, users can contact NetSpyGlass via email or phone.