A comprehensive platform for payroll, HR, and benefits, simplifying business processes.
Netchex is a comprehensive payroll, benefits, and HR company that aims to simplify and improve various business processes. Their solutions include payroll and tax management, time and attendance tracking, employee benefits administration software, performance management software, recruiting and onboarding platform, human resources management software, learning management system, and HR reporting and analytics software. With Netchex, businesses can streamline their workflows, automate alerts and compliance guidance, and make data-driven business decisions. The company boasts over 4,500 businesses that rate their customer service as the best in the industry. Netchex caters to businesses of all sizes and across various industries, including accounting, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits, retail, and more. They offer a range of resources such as product demos, a content library, paycheck calculators, case studies, and a blog. Netchex also emphasizes the importance of their industry-specific knowledge and the value they provide to their clients. Their headquarters are located in Covington, LA.