A platform for frictionless, automated collection and integration of environmental data.
Nectar is a platform that automates the collection of environmental data and brings it directly to your team's climate platform. With Nectar, you can collect data faster and eliminate errors that come with manual data entry. It allows you to comply with regulations and turn hours of manual entry into just 10 minutes of setup. Nectar is compatible with various climate platforms such as Persefoni, Watershed, Enablon, Figbytes, Emitwise, Envizi, Metrio, and Diligent. You can connect Nectar to over 1000 apps, including online electricity, gas, waste, water, fleet, business travel, and finance accounts. It can also collect data from email or paper bills, as well as vehicle or meter readings. Nectar saves you time by automatically extracting new data from connected sources and inputting it into your ESG reporting software on a weekly basis. It ensures auditability and automation of data collection in any ESG, EHS, or carbon accounting platform. Additionally, Nectar offers features like aggregation, unit conversion, and custom enrichment steps for your data. You can connect up to 5 data sources for free, and if you have more sources or questions, you can contact the team at [email protected]. Overall, Nectar is a powerful tool for automating environmental data collection and enhancing the efficiency of your climate management processes.