An intelligent app for capturing, recording, and recalling your thoughts anytime, anywhere.
Napkin is a sophisticated thinking companion designed to capture, collect, and recall your thoughts anytime, anywhere. With an innovative platform that mimics the intuitive nature of your mind, Napkin ensures that you never lose a brilliant idea again. It provides a safe space dedicated to capturing and exploring your thoughts, notes, and musings through its intelligent app. With Napkin, you can effortlessly capture your thoughts, no matter how big or small, and easily jot down ideas as they come. It also allows you to collect ideas while you read, enriching your knowledge and compounding inspiration beyond the limits of your memory. Napkin magically connects your thoughts and notes in an intuitive way, unlocking new creativity and making it easier than ever to explore and expand on your ideas. Features such as daily flow, magic tags, personalized playlists, and Readwise sync enhance the user experience and help uncover connections between your thoughts. Napkin offers early access to its thoughtful companion for iOS, ensuring that users are among the first to experience its magic. With its vision and commitment to independence, Napkin aims to be more than just a product, but a valuable investment that supports the development of the best thinking companion.