MRI Software
Allows businesses to manage lease data, ensures regulatory compliance, and increases efficiency.
MRI Software is a provider of lease accounting software that helps businesses achieve compliance with lease accounting standards such as IASB IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842. Their comprehensive and integrated software allows users to capture, manage, and transform lease data into the figures needed for the balance sheet. The software automates data capture, calculations, notifications, and reporting, saving time and increasing efficiency. It also enables effective collaboration between finance, real estate, and other departments, ensuring accurate exchange of data. With the software, users can model different scenarios to see the impact of lease contracts on the balance sheet and gain control over their accounting processes. The software is powered by AI, providing an audit trail and making the audit process easier. It also supports tasks such as lessee and lessor accounting, discount rate management, dual entity reporting, exemption and classification, accounting periods, disclosure reports, GL/ERP journal postings, and lease and asset level accounting. MRI Software has been developing lease management software for over 30 years and offers outsourced lease accounting services for those who need additional support. Overall, MRI Software's lease accounting software provides businesses with the tools and functionality needed to navigate the complexities of lease accounting and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.