A platform for streamlining client interactions, managing projects, and modernizing workflows. Enables document exchange, approval tracking, and joint deliverable coordination.
Moxo is a digital interaction platform designed to streamline and manage client projects with customers, vendors, and partners. It offers a OneStop Client Hub that helps modernize client interaction workflows from account acquisition to onboarding and servicing. With Moxo, businesses can coordinate with external stakeholders to achieve joint deliverables, track milestones, exchange documents, gather approvals, and more. Some key capabilities of Moxo include Moxo Flow, which allows users to configure external project workflows, and Flow Builder, a drag and drop builder to map business processes with role-based user actions. Additionally, Moxo offers Magic Links, which automatically email links to flow actions without requiring logins. Through its platform, Moxo aims to drive operational efficiency and deliver modern digital experiences. It also prioritizes privacy with bank-grade security and compliance. Trusted by leading businesses of all sizes, Moxo has seen its customers experience a reduction in project email clutter of over 90%, 10x faster onboarding, an 18% increase in Net Promoter Score, and 3x transaction throughput. Moxo is available as a standalone solution, which can be private-labeled without coding, or as an embeddable solution to extend existing mobile or web apps. The platform is trusted by security-focused industries and has been recognized as the best digital banking solution provider, best mobile experience, and best client relationship management platform in industry awards. Moxo is committed to helping businesses accelerate their external projects with streamlined workflows and modern digital experiences.