Offers centralized secure storage, management, and retrieval of digital assets. Enhances workflow and efficiency.
Mosaic is a leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) software that manages imagery, brand materials, video, and templates in one easy-to-navigate online database. It is a cost-efficient solution that is designed to transform organizations by centralizing all valuable digital and media assets. With Mosaic, you can securely store and categorize your digital graphic and photography files for quick and easy retrieval. The software provides a fully searchable and categorized library of digital images, photos, videos, and other documents, allowing you to share them with partners and clients. Mosaic offers a range of features including secure cloud storage, a powerful search engine, interoffice sharing and distribution, customizable download options, brand management, marketing management, and media management. Mosaic's image bank software can be set up within 24 hours, offering immediate benefits such as simple and intuitive learning, on-demand accessibility 24/7, user and file tracking, image license tracking, online portfolio and gallery capabilities, and the ability to brand and theme the system as your own. Mosaic is a reliable solution that helps streamline workflows and improve efficiency in managing digital assets.