An online platform for accepting recurring and one-time payments with enhanced security features.
MoonClerk is an online payment platform that allows businesses and organizations to accept both recurring and one-time payments. With a user-friendly interface, MoonClerk helps streamline the billing and payment collection process, making it easy for businesses to manage their finances. The platform boasts several features to enhance user experience, including simple and secure checkouts, automation tools for tasks such as auto-charging cards, and flexible billing options that allow users to control when, how much, and how often they charge their customers. MoonClerk also offers a back-office management dashboard through which businesses can analyze their performance, engage with customers, and resolve any issues. The platform prioritizes security and compliance, providing bank-level encryption, SCA compliance for European cards, GDPR compliance, and anti-fraud measures. Additionally, MoonClerk offers optional extensions to further enhance its functionality, such as selling digital products, running crowdfunding campaigns, and integrating with Mailchimp for paid newsletters. Overall, MoonClerk is a comprehensive payment solution that provides businesses with the tools they need to efficiently manage their online transactions.