An AI-assistant supporting content creation from drafting to editing. Also offers guidance and prompts for idea generation.
Moonbeam is an AI-powered long-form writing assistant designed to help users create various types of content such as essays, stories, articles, blogs, and more. With Moonbeam, users can easily transform their notes into outlines and then into well-written paragraphs using the Wizard feature. The AI behind Moonbeam, Luna, can also generate a well-written first draft by providing her with quick instructions. Moonbeam offers features like Smart Chat, which allows users to obtain real-time feedback, refine text with precision editing, generate content ideas using pre-defined prompts, and create comprehensive content clusters effortlessly. The text editor provided by Moonbeam is feature-rich and offers advanced editing capabilities, boss mode for complete transformations, rich media integration, public drafts, and one-click content generation. Collaboration mode enables seamless team collaboration on documents. Moonbeam also offers a custom style generator, allowing users to write like famous authors, comedians, or politicians. The tool has received positive testimonials from users, praising its ability to generate authentic sentences and well-researched points. Moonbeam Pro, which comes with a money-back guarantee, unlocks unlimited long-form writing, social media posts, access to templates, and more.