Empowers remote team management and productivity tracking. Facilitates data-backed decision making and fosters efficient operations.
Monitask is an employee monitoring software that helps employers track their employees' computer activity and productivity, ultimately improving performance. The software offers a range of features, including employee time tracking with screenshots, project and task tracking, summary and custom reports, and the ability to track apps and websites. Monitask is trusted by over 1000 clients worldwide and has been proven to increase workforce productivity. The software is easy to use with a 1-minute setup and does not require a credit card for the 10-day free trial. It is suitable for various industries and is especially beneficial for remote teams. Monitask provides clear visibility and insights into how employees work, even when working remotely. It allows employers to manually clock in and tracks activity only during working hours for transparency without spying. The software also offers features such as viewing employee screens, tracking app usage, generating reports, and creating projects for teams. Monitask is secure and safe to use, encrypting all transmitted and stored data. It does not record keystrokes or sensitive data, ensuring privacy. Monitask is legal and ethical employee monitoring software that promotes efficiency and helps improve business operations. It is an effective solution for businesses managing teams that regularly use computers, remote teams, and those looking to improve team efficiency. With Monitask, managers can monitor various employee activities such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, on-screen tasks, websites and apps visited while respecting employees' privacy. The software helps to increase productivity, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Teams using Monitask experience a 10% to 80% efficiency increase. The software provides better data for improved decision-making, easy reporting, and reduced overstaffing. While there may be reluctance from staff members initially, the benefits of employee monitoring software can be explained to foster a positive team environment. Monitask is a reliable tool for tracking employee productivity and performance, ensuring businesses operate at their highest level.