Mock Magic
Efficiently create high-resolution device mockups with a range of options. Quick and user-friendly, it requires no Photoshop skills or account registration.
Mock Magic is a web application that allows users to create high-resolution device mockups quickly and easily. With over 50 devices and variants to choose from, including the newly announced iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra, users have a wide range of options for creating mockups for presentations, websites, social media campaigns, portfolios, and more. Using Mock Magic is as simple as selecting a device and uploading your design, with the entire process taking just seconds. The web app eliminates the need to download heavy Photoshop files and navigate complex layers, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for generating professional mockups. Additionally, Mock Magic is free for commercial use, requires no account registration, and promises high-quality images. Stay updated on Mock Magic's latest product updates and features by subscribing to their newsletter. Overall, Mock Magic offers a user-friendly and time-saving solution for anyone in need of creating device mockups.