A versatile offline-first platform for efficient study through spaced repetition and markdown flashcards.
Mochi is a powerful tool designed to make spaced repetition easy and efficient. With Mochi, users can take notes and create flashcards using markdown, and then study them using the spaced repetition algorithm. The platform is offline first, allowing users to access and use it without signing up, with all data stored locally before being synced to the cloud. Mochi supports markdown formatting for quick note-taking and provides controls and shortcuts for convenience. Users can create two-way references between cards, allowing for a network of related information. Additionally, attachments such as images, audio, and video can be embedded in the notes or cards. Tags can be used to group related cards, facilitating easy filtering and searching. Mochi also offers features for language learners, including multilingual dictionaries, text-to-speech conversion, auto-translation, and image search. The platform offers a Pro version with additional features such as AI completions for flashcard content, cloud syncing across devices, API access, and more. Mochi also allows users to import decks from Anki. With its simple pricing model and the ability to cancel at any time, Mochi provides a comprehensive solution for effective learning and retention.