Offers range of solutions for businesses to automate processes, manage risks, and increase efficiency.
Mitratech is a company that provides innovative solutions and services to empower businesses and automate their processes. They offer a range of products and solutions in compliance, risk management, enterprise HR, and legal management. With their expertise in both business and technology, Mitratech aims to help businesses manage risks, increase efficiency, control costs, and scale for the future. They offer cloud-based, automation-driven solutions to magnify the impact of corporate legal, risk, and human resources teams. The company also provides resources and insights from their experts in areas such as corporate legal, risk, compliance, and human resources. Customers can request a demo to explore the automated solutions offered by Mitratech. The company has a diverse range of products, including Acuity, AdvanceLaw, Alyne, AssureHire, ClusterSeven, CMO, Continuity, DataStore, eCounsel, EraCLM, IMS Tracker, Integrum, INSZoom, LegalHold, PolicyHub, Quovant, TalentReef, TAP, TeamConnect, Tracker I-9, and VendorInsight. Mitratech also provides customer support and has an active online presence on social media platforms. Overall, Mitratech offers comprehensive solutions and services to help businesses optimize their operations and achieve elevated results.