A macOS email client offering seamless integration with Gmail, enabling search capabilities, email categorization, labels, and filters. Also provides calendar response support and customization options.
Mimestream is a native macOS email client specifically designed for Gmail. It utilizes the power of macOS and integrates with Gmail's advanced features to provide users with a seamless email experience. Powered by the Gmail API, Mimestream offers lightning-fast performance and a wide range of features. Users can take advantage of Gmail's intelligent message categorization, labels, and filters to efficiently manage their inbox. The email client also supports calendar invitation responses, allowing users to quickly respond without leaving the app. With Mimestream, users can benefit from powerful search capabilities, profile photo display, tracking prevention, snooze functionality, vacation responses, and more. The application supports multiple Gmail accounts, allowing users to manage all their accounts in one place. It also offers a unified inbox for a streamlined view of all inboxes or the option to keep them separate. Mimestream provides extensive customization options, including personalization through account colors and notification schedules. The email client facilitates fast and effortless writing with features such as Gmail aliases, templates, send and archive functionality, undo send, markdown formatting shortcuts, code blocks, and mentions. Privacy is a top priority for Mimestream, as it only stores data and tokens on the user's device and establishes direct connections to the Gmail API. The email client is deeply integrated with macOS, offering lightweight and fast performance, keyboard shortcuts, dark mode reformatting, system notifications, swipe gestures, support for Apple Silicon, multiple windows, menu bar extra, sharing options, image markup, and continuity camera integration. By joining the mailing list, users can stay updated on the latest news and feature updates from Mimestream. Overall, Mimestream is a comprehensive and feature-rich macOS email client specifically optimized for Gmail, providing users with an efficient, secure, and customizable email management solution.