Mighty Networks
Mighty Networks
A platform for creating and managing bespoke digital communities, courses and memberships.
Mighty Networks is a community platform that allows users to build their own communities, courses, and memberships. It is ranked as the number one community platform on G2 and offers branded apps for iOS, Android, and the web. With Mighty Networks, users can bring their courses, memberships, and offers together in a powerful community under their own brand. The platform has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 46k ratings and has been trusted by 50,000+ creators, entrepreneurs, and brands. Many successful communities have been built on Mighty Networks, including Yoga with Adriene, Slow AF Run Club, and Outer Work. The platform offers features such as Community Design™, which helps optimize community experiences and provides resources and education for achieving phenomenal results. Pricing for successful memberships on Mighty Networks averages at $40/month, and it is reasonable to assume earning $1,000/month with just 30 members. When migrating from other platforms, users can expect around 30% of their most passionate members to follow them within the first 30 days. The platform also offers various resources, education, and support through its Playbooks, Case Studies, Encyclopedia, and Resource Center. Overall, Mighty Networks provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for building and managing communities, courses, and memberships.