Provides automation for KYB processes and streamlines underwriting, empowering businesses to verify customers easily.
Middesk is a leading Business Identity Platform that offers a suite of identity products to help companies verify and underwrite their customers. They provide automation for Know Your Business (KYB) processes, allow businesses to register for payroll taxes, and ensure compliance. Middesk's platform is accessible via a dashboard or API, making it easy for companies to integrate their services. Their verification product allows businesses to identify and verify any business, providing a complete and accurate view of customers. This helps automate KYB processes, saving companies time and ensuring compliance. They also offer underwriting solutions to streamline the underwriting process, as well as payroll registration services that can be completed in just 10 minutes. Middesk has been successful in partnering with various companies to enhance their processes. For example, Radius Bank has stated that Middesk has helped them save time in processing loans, allowing small businesses to access capital faster. Novo has seen increased efficiency and confidence in their KYB process through Middesk's verification product. Clearco has found that Middesk's Lien Search product has improved team efficiency and performance, enabling them to focus on value-added activities. Middesk's platform is known for its scalability, offering a unified platform for verification, underwriting, registration, filing, and monitoring. Customers can easily integrate Middesk's products with their existing systems using the provided APIs or use the user-friendly dashboard. With a compliance-first approach, Middesk ensures accurate data for 100% of businesses and Secretary of States. Their products are also flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor them to their specific needs. Middesk serves a wide range of industries, including lenders, fintechs, and banks. For lenders, Middesk's identity products make it easy for their customers to access the capital they need. Fintechs can benefit from Middesk's automation capabilities, allowing them to automate compliance and approve more business applications. Banks can leverage Middesk to access the information required for automating KYB and CIP regulatory compliance. Overall, Middesk is a trusted Business Identity Platform that offers a range of solutions to help businesses verify and underwrite their customers, automate KYB processes, and ensure compliance. Their platform is scalable, easy to integrate, and highly customizable, making it a valuable tool for businesses in various industries.