An enterprise analytics platform providing self-service, reporting, and embedded analytics solutions.
MicroStrategy is an enterprise analytics platform that offers a comprehensive and expansive solution for business intelligence and analytics. Their focus is on providing elevated data experiences that fuel innovation across all organizations. The company's flagship product, MicroStrategy ONE, is a fully modern, open, and cloud-powered analytics platform that caters to all analytics use cases. It offers self-service capabilities, business reporting, advanced apps, and embedded analytics, allowing users to harness the power of data to gain competitive advantage and drive insights at scale. MicroStrategy prides itself on being the only platform in the world that can deliver all these features with maximum performance. Additionally, MicroStrategy is committed to continuous innovation, with global engineering teams dedicated to designing cutting-edge features that enhance intelligence and influence through analytics. They are constantly exploring smart workflows, augmented experiences, and the use of Generative AI to stay ahead of the curve. MicroStrategy's analytics solutions are trusted by world-leading brands across various industries, including financial services, retail, healthcare, public sector, and technology. In each of these sectors, MicroStrategy helps organizations mitigate risk, optimize sales, deliver better services, ensure mission readiness, and move faster with powerful, open analytics applications. MicroStrategy's mantra is "Based on Fact, Not Instinct," highlighting their commitment to using data to make informed decisions and drive innovation. Their platform stands out for its intuitive interfaces, proven performance at any scale, and the ability to break down data silos and maintain a single source of truth with semantic graph capabilities. Overall, MicroStrategy is a top choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive, high-performance, and innovative analytics platform.