A growth platform that facilitates analytics, CRM, and Email Marketing for ecommerce brands.
Metrilo is a plug-n-play growth platform designed for ecommerce brands. It offers a range of features including Ecommerce Analytics, Ecommerce CRM, and Email Marketing to boost customer retention and facilitate sustainable growth. With a 5-minute integration and official plugins available, Metrilo makes it easy for brands to monitor and analyze their store's performance in real-time. The platform provides a KPI Dashboard, revenue breakdown, product performance, funnels, and marketing channels reports without the need for any setup. Historical data sync and sales attribution are also available, making Metrilo a comprehensive solution for all data needs. Their Ecommerce CRM allows brands to explore and understand customer behavior by providing comprehensive customer profiles and insightful behavior insights. With over 30 filters, brands can create relevant segments for retargeting and email engagement, targeting idle high spenders, frequent buyers, cart abandoners, and holiday shoppers. The integrated email functionality enables highly targeted and personalized email campaigns, driving customer engagement and retention. Metrilo emphasizes the importance of customer retention for sustainable growth, highlighting that it leads to lower acquisition costs, increased sales, and better margins. By providing a deeper understanding of customers, brands can build long-term relationships and win customer loyalty. The website also features case studies showcasing the success stories of their customers, such as how targeted emails doubled revenue for WOW Tea in 6 months. Metrilo offers a free trial for customers to try out all features for 14 days, with no credit card required. The company provides resources such as a blog, DTC Academy, growth calculator, case studies, and an ecommerce glossary to support brands in their growth journey. The website also includes information about the company, contact details, careers, and a help center for customer support. Overall, Metrilo is a comprehensive growth platform for ecommerce brands, offering powerful data analytics and tools to drive sustainable growth and customer retention.