AI-powered platform that promotes high performer density, boosts growth, and provides real-time insights for better management.
Mesh is a performance management software that helps organizations improve their chances of hitting business goals by increasing the density of high performers. With Mesh, organizations can expect to see their high performer density improve by up to 15%. The platform provides talent with clear visibility on their growth and development through transparent career paths, timely coaching, and feedback from their teams, peers, and managers. What sets Mesh apart from other performance management platforms is its Next-Best Action Driven User Experience, which simplifies the process and eliminates the need for managers to be quasi-HR experts. The platform's relatable social user interface and machine learning-driven next-best action philosophy enable continuous check-ins, real-time feedback, and coaching conversations. Mesh also leverages AI technology to facilitate habit formation through contextual nudges. These nudges help individual contributors and managers build the habit of timely peer, manager, and team check-ins, without the need for extensive processes or guidelines. The real-time insights provided by Mesh enable managers to have a clearer understanding of their teams' performance and development. By combining data from various processes and conversations, Mesh delivers insights that help managers foresee risks, visualize trends, and recommend development actions through AI-based insights. Mesh has been proven to bring significant benefits to organizations. Clients have reported scaling performance practices quicker, a significant increase in self-driven performance conversations, an enhancement in the proportion of top performers, and consistent achievement of business objectives. With over 100 knowledge-based organizations globally trusting Mesh, the platform has already made a name for itself. Testimonials from clients highlight the ease of data concentration and monitoring, as well as the transparency and visibility Mesh brings to companies. Additionally, Mesh is continuously improving its offerings, with the upcoming introduction of GenAI for Performance Management. This new feature aims to further save organizations time and simplify performance enablement. Overall, Mesh is a powerful performance management software that helps organizations increase their high performer density, improve talent development, and drive business growth. With its user-friendly interface, AI-powered features, and proven track record, Mesh is a trusted choice for organizations looking to optimize their performance management practices.