Merit Solutions
Merit Solutions
Provides ERP software and consulting services for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. Aids in increasing productivity, reducing time-to-market, and managing supply chain effectively.
Merit Solutions is a company that specializes in providing ERP software and consulting services specifically tailored for the life science industry, including biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. They offer cloud-first ERP solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, designed to meet the complex requirements of contract manufacturers (CMOs/CDMOs). With over 20 years of experience in implementing solutions for life science companies, Merit Solutions aims to help businesses ramp up growth, sustain profitability, and deliver innovative and safe products. Their ERP system helps increase manufacturing productivity, reduce time-to-market, and manage end-to-end supply chain excellence. The software also enables organizations to manage quality test points with granularity and meet the rigorous requirements of the industry with digital traceability. In addition to providing ERP solutions, Merit Solutions offers pre-configured ERP packages called "Merit Solutions Right Start," which includes the essential financial and supply chain components needed for rapid growth life science companies as they shift from R&D to pre-clinical operations. These packages are provided through the Microsoft Cloud, leveraging familiar systems like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and Azure services. The company showcases its expertise and success stories through customer stories on their website, highlighting the impact of their solutions on improving efficiency, compliance, and growth for various life science organizations. Merit Solutions also partners with select Microsoft and Merit Solutions partners worldwide to implement tailored solutions that cater to the complex regulatory needs of organizations in the life science and other regulated industries. Overall, Merit Solutions aims to help life science companies achieve digital transformation, improve profitability and efficiency, accelerate growth, and maintain compliance in a secure and modern cloud environment. They provide a comprehensive suite of ERP software and consulting services specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the life science industry.