Provides comprehensive insights for businesses to make data-driven decisions, strategize, and streamline efficiency.
Meltwater is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools that provides media, social, and consumer intelligence. With Meltwater, businesses can break through the noise of billions of data points to gain valuable insights and make confident, data-driven decisions. The suite includes media intelligence, consumer intelligence, social listening, influencer marketing, social media management, sales intelligence, media relations, and data & API integration. Meltwater helps businesses unlock vital insights for strategy alignment, maximize efficiency across teams, and scale globally. With a trusted partner that has been trailblazing for over 20 years, businesses can achieve mastery through continuous learning and peer-to-peer support. Meltwater's products span channels, strategies, and teams, making it a dynamic and agile solution. The suite has been praised by customers for its strong data integrity, great access, flexibility, and intuitive user experience. Businesses have reported benefits such as increased market research efficiency, annual cost savings on press release distribution, and significant boosts in social media engagement. Numerous testimonials from a range of big and small companies highlight Meltwater's role as an enabler in becoming consumer-centric, securing better media coverage, and driving business growth.