Experience management platform offering insights to enhance customer and employee experiences.
Medallia is a leading experience management software platform that offers valuable insights to enhance the customer experience, contact center experience, employee experience, and digital experience. The platform is trusted by renowned brands globally. Medallia's software has proven to be highly effective, with promoters being 5 times less likely to leave Zurich within 12 months when compared to detractors. Additionally, customer service has seen a remarkable 93% increase in case efficiency, leading to higher resolution rates. The platform also boasts an impressive 95% accuracy in detractor predictions. Medallia provides a comprehensive view of customers, incorporating social media, transcripts, speech analytics, ticketing systems, and digital behavior. The platform's AI and machine-learning engine enables businesses to uncover valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data, allowing for prioritized actions and behavior prediction. Medallia facilitates real-time insights, ensuring organizations can influence experiences as they happen. The software integrates seamlessly with common systems and offers powerful APIs and ETLs for data harnessing and transformative actions. Medallia is the industry leader in customer feedback management and people-oriented text analytics, as recognized by The Forrester Wave™ reports. With a range of resources available, including a developer portal, documentation, and a blog, Medallia supports its customers throughout their journey. The company values data protection and privacy and offers various career opportunities. Overall, Medallia's experience management software platform is a reliable and comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their customer and employee experiences.