Maya Labs
Maya Labs
On-demand machine labor to automate tasks. Program and interpret machine behavior using natural language.
Maya is an applied research lab that aims to build machines capable of programming themselves to perform various tasks. They provide on-demand machine labor to automate tedious work, offering autonomous systems that can write, deploy, and modify custom, interpretable software. Maya's first-generation program synthesis engine, PAC-1, allows users to program and interpret machine behavior using natural language. They offer features such as conditionals, looping, web navigation, custom functions, repeating workflows, dashboards, UI, platform bots, data pipelines, and native memory management. Maya Labs envisions a future where anyone can hire a fleet of self-programming machines to bring their ideas to life, fostering a gilded age of ideas. Maya Labs also conducts research in the field of generalization ability, with blog posts and papers discussing benchmarking and new approaches to building general machine intelligence. They offer a research preview of their program synthesis engine and provide documentation, a store, an SDK, and a changelog. Maya Labs also has a careers section for those interested in joining their team.