Used by scientists for algorithm development, data analysis, and model creation. Allows analyses to run on clusters, GPUs, and clouds.
MATLAB is a powerful programming and numeric computing platform widely used by engineers and scientists for data analysis, algorithm development, and model creation. With a user-friendly desktop environment, MATLAB offers a programming language that directly expresses matrix and array mathematics. In addition, MATLAB provides the Live Editor, enabling the creation of executable notebooks that combine code, output, and formatted text. Users can leverage professionally developed toolboxes, interactive apps to visualize algorithms with their specific data, and easily scale their analyses to run on clusters, GPUs, and clouds without major code changes. MATLAB's versatile capabilities cover various domains such as data analysis, graphics, programming, app building, external language interfaces, hardware connectivity, parallel computing, web and desktop deployment, and running in cloud environments. With MATLAB, users can take their ideas beyond research by deploying code to enterprise applications, running on embedded devices, and integrating with model-based design tools like Simulink. MATLAB is commonly used for control systems, deep learning, image processing and computer vision, space systems, machine learning, predictive maintenance, robotics, signal processing, test and measurement, and wireless communications. Customers can access MATLAB through different means such as a free 30-day trial, online usage via MATLAB Online, or connecting via MATLAB Mobile. MathWorks, the developer of MATLAB, is a leading provider of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists.