Marketing Examples
Marketing Examples
A resourceful site offering real-world marketing examples, SEO tips, and more, geared to perfect marketers' strategies.
Marketing Examples is a website that offers a gallery of real-world marketing examples from successful companies. It serves as a resource for marketers looking to perfect their cold email, boost referrals, improve SEO, and more. The website features case studies that can be filtered by category, allowing users to easily find relevant examples. With a similar concept to Dribbble, Marketing Examples provides inspiration for marketing strategies and tactics. Additionally, the website offers a popular marketing newsletter that is read by 130,000 subscribers. For those in need of copywriting examples, Marketing Examples showcases the success of No Boring Design, an unlimited design service loved by companies like Loom, Dropbox, and G2. The website also provides resources on topics such as landing page optimization, branding, social media, sales, and SEO. From rewriting landing pages with a pro copywriter to learning about Grubhub's link building strategy, Marketing Examples offers a wealth of actionable information in concise formats ranging from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. With the goal of helping marketers achieve their goals, Marketing Examples is a valuable platform for learning and gaining inspiration in the field of marketing.