A digital platform facilitating trade between African local vendors and consumer brands, offering inventory loans, and selling digital financial services.
Marketforce is a unified digital commerce marketplace that aims to facilitate trade among African neighborhood merchants and leading consumer brands. They provide merchants with access to FMCG products at the best prices, inventory loans, and the opportunity to sell digital financial services such as airtime, electricity tokens, and bill payments. With over $500 million in transactions processed, they work with more than 200 brands and have mapped over 250,000 retail outlets across five operational countries. Marketforce also offers real-time market intelligence to partners, helping them seamlessly grow their market share. Additionally, they create job opportunities for youth as field agents, empowering them to be their own bosses and earn money promoting and delivering products and digital financial services in their communities. With positive testimonials from clients and partners, Marketforce's innovative solutions have proven to be valuable in the ever-changing retail business environment.