An email tracking tool for Gmail providing real-time notifications, recipient behavior insights, and productivity analytics.
Mailtrack is a free and unlimited email tracking tool designed specifically for Gmail users. It provides real-time notifications and link tracking, allowing users to know when their emails have been opened. With over 11,000 reviews, Mailtrack is highly regarded by professionals. One of its key features is the ability to track group emails individually, providing valuable insights into recipient behavior and allowing for more personalized communications and follow-ups. Additionally, Mailtrack offers campaign scheduling, mail merge capabilities for personalized messaging, and the convenience of sending signature requests directly from Gmail. The platform also enables secure document sharing with access controls and analytics to measure engagement. By tracking email productivity metrics, users can improve their email management practices. Follow-up features, such as notifications and reminders, help users maintain better relationships with their contacts. Mailtrack also offers various other features, including link click tracking, custom email signatures, CRM integration, delivery certificates, and support for mobile devices. The service is GDPR compliant and trusted by over 116,000 paying subscribers and companies worldwide. Overall, Mailtrack is a comprehensive email tracking solution for Gmail users seeking to enhance their email productivity and engagement rates.