An observability platform offering cloud monitoring, log management, and observability services. Allows easy launch of managed open-source instances, secure access, and compliance with global security standards.
Logit.io is an observability platform that provides cloud monitoring, log management, APM, and SIEM services. The platform is based on open-source solutions such as OpenSearch (successor to ELK), Grafana, and Prometheus. It offers scalable, compliant, and affordable observability services, creating a centralized source of truth for logs, metrics, and traces. With Logit.io, there is no vendor lock-in, transparent pricing, no data egress fees, and no mandatory multi-year contracts. The platform allows users to launch fully managed OpenSearch, Grafana, and Prometheus instances within minutes of registering. It offers secure access with RBAC, detailed audit logging, and operates in compliance with leading IT governance and international security standards. Logit.io also provides hosted open-source services, removing the overheads and configuration headaches associated with managing and hosting observability solutions. It is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide and offers a range of applications including log management, metrics monitoring, web application monitoring, system performance monitoring, observability for Kubernetes, server monitoring, container monitoring, database observability, cybersecurity auditing, and microservice monitoring. Logit.io works with various cloud services, programming languages, and operating systems to seamlessly ingest data. With over 1000+ engineers and IT leaders using Logit.io, it offers industry-leading customer support and deployment of open-source tools with ease. The platform ensures high availability at any scale and provides out-of-the-box dashboards and data visualization. For enterprises, Logit.io offers managed cloud load balancing, high availability, and redundancy for production observability. It also helps ensure compliance with ISO, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and is Cyber Essentials compliant. Additionally, Logit.io offers data integrations, flexible pricing plans, and Logging-as-a-Service capabilities for spike identification, high error alert reaction, and application response time auditing. In summary, Logit.io is a comprehensive and flexible observability platform that offers reliable and affordable services for monitoring and managing logs, metrics, and traces.