Streamlines loan management for microfinance businesses with a focus on growth, reporting, and efficient communication.
Loandisk is an online loan management system designed specifically for microfinance and lending companies. With over 600 trusted clients worldwide, Loandisk allows users to efficiently manage loans and savings accounts of borrowers. The cloud-based software offers a secure and user-friendly platform, simplifying administrative tasks and allowing businesses to focus on growth. Users can access detailed charts and reports to track loan releases and collections, as well as view cash flow reports and profit/loss statements to make informed decisions. The system facilitates loan management by providing comprehensive loan details, including repayments, terms, schedules, collateral, and files, with the ability to print loan statements and schedules for borrowers. Automated SMS and email features allow for effective communication with borrowers, sending reminders for due dates, arrears, payment confirmations, loan application updates, and even birthday greetings. Savings and investor accounts can be created with the option to add transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, and automated interest calculations based on product settings. Loandisk also offers staff management capabilities, allowing businesses to assign roles and permissions to staff members, with the ability to control page access and branch operations. The system even offers the convenient feature of auto-filling loan applications and agreements by replacing placeholders with loan data, allowing for document downloads, email sending, and e-signature options. Overall, Loandisk provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for microfinance and lending companies by streamlining loan management processes, improving communication, and offering comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.