Email integration tool for CRM systems, increasing productivity, streamlining workflows, and offering valuable insights. Supports Outlook, Gmail, & IBM Notes.
LinkPoint360 is a leading provider of email integration solutions for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With over 90,000 trusted customers worldwide, they offer a range of key features to increase productivity and CRM adoption. These features include one-click email recording, calendar availability sharing, email open tracking, and custom object and field detection. LinkPoint360's solutions enable users to seamlessly view, record, create, and sync between email and CRM platforms, without the need for Exchange access. Their email integration software supports Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Gmail, and IBM Notes. By using LinkPoint360, users can simplify email integration, streamline workflows, and improve productivity without sacrificing security. LinkPoint360 also offers secure and supported client-side deployment, ensuring successful results for their customers. They provide easy implementation, valuable insights, and impactful outcomes, ultimately improving the bottom line for businesses. The company is known for its exceptional customer support and has received positive feedback from satisfied users. Overall, LinkPoint360 is a game-changing tool for integrating email with CRM systems, saving time, increasing efficiency, and maximizing CRM return on investment.