Enables efficient supplier management and analysis through detailed profiles and ratings.
Linkana is a platform that offers solutions for supplier management and analysis. With the help of their Universal Supplier Profiles and the Linkana Supplier Rating, businesses can make supplier decisions quickly and efficiently. The platform provides standardized information on supplier registration, risk assessment, ESG, and D&I. It offers various modules and functionalities, including the Linkana Network, which allows users to search and access Universal Supplier Profiles, and Linkana Insights, which provides monitoring and data updates on suppliers. Additionally, Linkana offers the Linkana SRM, which helps streamline supplier processes such as qualification, registration, and evaluation. The platform also supports the identification of diverse and inclusive suppliers and simplifies the collection of supplier performance data. With access to a B2B network of over 23 million active CNPJs, businesses can easily search and analyze potential new suppliers based on criteria such as name, size, and economic activity. Linkana has received positive feedback from companies that have benefited from its features, including Mitre, Nivea/Beiesrdorf, and Mondelez Brasil. The platform has been recognized in the media for its contribution to supplier diversity and innovation in the procurement industry. In conclusion, Linkana is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to efficiently manage and analyze suppliers, saving time and reducing costs.