A central hub for asset organization and sharing. Features AI search, kit versioning, and auto file conversion.
Lingo is a comprehensive digital asset library and design system manager that provides a central hub for teams to organize, manage, and share their assets. With Lingo, users can easily create brand kits that showcase every aspect of their brand, including guidelines and assets. The platform enables teams to find the files they need in the desired format and size without assistance. Lingo integrates with popular design tools like Figma to ensure that assets are always up-to-date. The AI-enhanced search functionality allows for instant searchability of all added photos. Custom branding options enable users to customize Lingo to match their organization's brand. Lingo also offers automatic file conversion, allowing users to generate alternate file types for their assets. Kit versioning enables control over sharing and the ability to roll back to previous versions if needed. The platform supports both public and private sharing of kits, with the option to add passwords for increased security. Custom domains are available to keep brand recognition in mind. Overall, Lingo provides a user-friendly and affordable solution for digital brand asset management and guideline organization.