A platform for streamlined software development. Enhances issues management, sprint planning, and roadmapping with high-speed precision.
Linear is a website that offers a better way to build products, specifically targeting modern software development. It streamlines issues, sprints, and product roadmaps, making it the new standard in the industry. Linear is designed to be unlike any other tool, with a focus on UI elegance and world-class performance. It offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts for rapid-fire task completion and boasts a 50ms interaction speed with real-time sync. It is built for speed, precision, and efficiency. Linear also comes with built-in workflows that create focus and routine, making it ideal for modern software teams. The website offers features such as issue tracking, task creation, discussion boards, issue templates, and customizable workflows. Users can switch between list and board layout to view work from different angles and apply filters to refine their issue lists and create custom views. Cycles are a feature of Linear that help teams maintain velocity and make meaningful progress by automatically tracking started issues and rolling over unfinished work to the next cycle. Roadmaps allow users to plan visually, collaborate on projects, and make better decisions with progress insights and project updates. Linear also offers a wide range of integrations, including GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Discord, Sentry, Airbyte, Front, Intercom, Zendesk, and Figma, which streamline the entire product development process. Overall, Linear is a comprehensive and efficient tool for software development teams that want to streamline their processes and improve productivity. It combines sleek design with powerful features to meet the needs of both next-gen startups and established enterprises.