A comprehensive finance solution for businesses, offering accounting, invoicing, and tax preparation services.
Lili is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of services to assist businesses with their financial needs. With business banking, smart bookkeeping, invoicing software, and tax planning tools, Lili aims to simplify financial management for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Lili's business banking service provides a checking account with a Visa® business debit card that has no hidden fees, no overdraft fees, and no minimum balance requirement. Additionally, their accounting software offers features such as instant transaction categorization, automated reports, and insights to provide a clear understanding of a business's financial position. Lili's invoicing software allows users to create and send professional and customizable invoices, accept payments instantly, and track payments. Moreover, Lili offers tax preparation tools that automate tax savings throughout the year, generate expense reports, and provide pre-filled tax forms to streamline the tax preparation process. Lili prioritizes user-friendly interfaces, with multi-user access and easy integration with external apps, allowing for efficient collaboration and seamless workflows. Security is a top priority for Lili, with FDIC insurance for all accounts and industry-leading encryption software and security protocols. Lili provides ample support for business owners' growth through resources like Lili Academy, offering videos and guides on various aspects of running and growing a small business. Additionally, their blog provides informative articles covering topics such as banking, accounting, invoicing, taxes, and business management. Lili offers different account plans, including Lili Premium, with varying features and benefits to suit different business needs. Overall, Lili is a comprehensive financial platform that aims to empower business owners to focus on growing their businesses while providing a range of tools and services to simplify their financial processes.