Offers 4K video conferencing and omnichannel solutions to upgrade business communications and customer interactions.
Lifesize is a website that offers 4K video conferencing and omnichannel contact center solutions. Their video conferencing solutions, such as Lifesize Icon and Lifesize Cloud, allow businesses to upgrade their conference rooms and support video calls from platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Google Meet. They also provide an omnichannel contact center solution called CxEngage by Serenova, which allows businesses to create a seamless customer experience across various channels like audio, email, chat, text, social media, AI, and video. Lifesize's virtual concierge, CxConcierge, offers instant video connections to help address customer needs, while Kaptivo Collaboration provides a whiteboard camera to facilitate team collaboration. The website also highlights case studies of successful implementations, such as how Lifesize helped Starling Bank support their network of over 2.7 million customers with secure video conferencing and how Virgin Pulse improved their omnichannel contact center efficiency. Lifesize emphasizes its focus on supporting the hybrid workplace, providing solutions for meeting rooms, video meeting platforms, contact centers, and customer experiences in both remote and in-person settings. The website highlights the benefits of Lifesize's solutions, including their trustworthiness, ability to drive better business outcomes, and create happier and more productive workplaces. Lifesize has been trusted by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide and offers solutions for various industries, including healthcare, financial services, professional services, and more.