Helps achieve optimal marketing with data consolidation, omnichannel experiences and AI insights.
Lifesight is a future-ready marketing and customer intelligence platform that aims to help marketers embrace the privacy-first world. With Lifesight's Connect, Engage, and Measure features, marketers can consolidate data, deliver seamless omnichannel experiences, and optimize media spend with AI-powered insights. Trusted by leading brands and agencies worldwide, Lifesight boasts impressive conversion tracking rates of 99%, match rates on Meta and Google of 50%, a 25% reduction in CPA, and a 40% increase in ROAS. The platform offers a full stack growth platform for modern-day marketing, a real-time customer data platform, AI-powered omni-channel customer engagement, and future-proof marketing measurements. It caters to various professionals, including performance and lifecycle marketers, C-level leaders in marketing, and data and marketing scientists. With Lifesight, marketers can unlock the full potential of customer data, optimize customer acquisition and retention, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. The platform offers features such as omnichannel journeys, first-party ID graph, multi-touch attribution, marketing mix modeling, and owned channel marketing. Lifesight integrates well with other MarTech stack tools and provides easy-to-use builders for creating campaigns. Customers have praised the platform for its transparent and easy-to-access reporting, accurate campaign analytics, and the ability to automate previously manual work. Additionally, Lifesight provides resources such as a growth guide and a blog with industry news and insights. Join the global movement of privacy-first brands building growth with Lifesight and sign up for a personalized demo to experience its marketing superpower in the privacy-first era.