Provides a user-friendly interface for playing chess with varying game types and modes. Also offers training resources and hosts tournaments.
Lichess.org is a free online chess server that provides a clean and user-friendly interface for players. The website offers various features and game modes without requiring any registration or plugins. Players can enjoy playing chess with the computer, friends, or random opponents. Currently, the website has a whopping 79,326 players with 34,629 games in play. Lichess.org supports quick pairing, and users can choose from different game types such as bullet, blitz, rapid, and classical. Additionally, the website hosts tournaments and has leaderboards to showcase the top players. Lichess.org also offers puzzles, learning resources, and allows users to watch games. The website is accessible and has a blind mode. Overall, Lichess.org is a comprehensive and ad-free chess platform with a strong community and a wide range of features for chess enthusiasts.