Boost reply rates and streamline outreach with enriched lead collection, email personalization, A/B testing.
Lemlist is a powerful cold email software platform that aims to improve reply rates and streamline outreach automation and sales engagement processes. With lemist, users can find email addresses, collect and enrich leads, personalize their approach, conduct A/B tests, and ensure that their emails land in the right place and avoid spam folders. The platform offers native integrations to automatically find leads' emails and provides tools to warm up and boost email deliverability. Lemlist also offers features to authenticate email addresses and improve email reputation. Additionally, lemist offers valuable resources and support for users, including weekly live events, full courses, real-time chat, templates, feedback sessions, and playbooks. The platform boasts an impressive customer base of over 20,000 salespeople, marketers, and founders who have seen great success in using lemist. With an easy-to-use interface and a focus on personalization, lemist is a go-to tool for anyone serious about effective cold emailing and sales engagement strategies.