Open-source project management solution fit for non-project managers. Streamlines tasks, time, and team management.
Leantime is an open-source project management system aimed at non-project managers. It offers a simple and straightforward work management solution that doesn't require an MBA to use. Users can get started for free without needing a credit card, and they have the option to either use the system on Leantime.io or download and self-host the open-source system. Leantime has received positive feedback from various users, including a small digital marketing agency that switched from ClickUp and a self-hosting company that used it as an alternative to other project management tools like Linear, Asana, or Jira. The interface of Leantime is designed to be lean and not overloaded with options, making it easier to use. It provides strategic project management features that help users connect goals to their work and track ideas. The system also supports ADHD-friendly and easy-to-use features. Leantime aims to simplify project management and planning work by providing tools and features that help users manage tasks, time, and teams effectively. The founders of Leantime are focused on creating a tool that supports purpose-driven people and is intuitive to use. The system has gained popularity and is trusted by global brands, with over 15,000 instances, 28,000+ projects, and 230,000+ to-dos. Overall, Leantime offers a simple and efficient project management solution for non-project managers, with a focus on strategic planning, goal alignment, and user-friendly features.