Specializes in Infor M3 CloudSuite implementation, upgrades, and services for streamlined business operations.
LeanSwift is a certified Infor Cloud ERP Alliance partner that specializes in Infor M3 implementations, upgrades, and services. They offer comprehensive solutions and integrations for businesses using Infor M3 CloudSuite, whether it's an on-premise setup or a migration to the cloud. LeanSwift's expertise in Infor M3 allows them to streamline processes, enhance operational performance, and provide tailored solutions that result in time and cost savings for their customers. Their products and solutions, including Infor M3 CloudSuite and edge applications, are designed to deliver productivity and agility for improving business operations. LeanSwift is committed to providing in-context and enterprise-level insight to enable quick data-driven decision-making, driving time to value and scalability. They also offer additional services such as customer portal development and augmented reality solutions for manufacturing machinery maintenance. LeanSwift is based in Cocoa Beach, Florida and can be contacted via phone or through their website. Overall, LeanSwift is a reliable partner to help businesses achieve a seamless digital transformation and optimize productivity, financial control, and decision-making processes.