Streamlines company operations by connecting vital revenue tools and acts on buyer signals rapidly.
LeanData is a revenue orchestration platform that helps companies improve the buyer experience, accelerate time-to-revenue, and increase operational alignment. The platform allows companies to streamline their operations by connecting vital revenue tools in their tech stack and ensuring that buyer signals are captured and acted on with the top sales play or next best action. With LeanData, companies can generate pipeline faster by ensuring each buyer reaches the right representative with the right context as quickly as possible, leading to an increase in the number of qualified leads generated and an improvement in lead conversion rates. LeanData has been trusted by over 1,000 world-class customers and offers seamless integrations with more than 10 revenue tools. The platform also provides a solution called BookIt, which eliminates back-and-forth emails and maximizes seller efficiency with flexible, no-code automated scheduling solutions. LeanData's customers have reported significant improvements, such as a 45% increase in opportunities created, a 60% increase in pipeline, a 99% reduction in time spent updating routing rules, a 200 workflow rules elimination, and an 88% improvement in lead response time. The company offers a range of resources, including ebooks, solution briefs, webinars, and customer stories to help revenue professionals excel. With its focus on operational excellence and delivering better buying experiences, LeanData is a trusted platform for companies looking to drive revenue growth.