Aids in B2B prospecting by providing accurate contact information for lead generation and synchronizing with CRM tools.
LeadFuze is a powerful B2B prospecting tool that provides businesses and recruiters with accurate contact information and data intelligence for lead generation. With LeadFuze, users can build lists of leads and sync them to their CRM and outreach tools automatically. The platform aggregates, matches, and verifies information in real-time across over 500 million people. LeadFuze offers a range of features and use cases tailored to sales, marketing, and recruiting teams. Salespeople can benefit from hyper-targeted lead searches and complete list building automation, while marketers can utilize personal and business emails for higher match rates in custom audience ad targeting. Recruiters can access personal and company emails, filter by job status, and find passive candidates. LeadFuze also offers advanced search capabilities, A.I. automation, and lead intelligence, including verified emails, phone numbers, social profiles, work history, and more. The platform integrates with popular CRM, ATS, and outreach tools, as well as Zapier and other third-party applications. Users can export data to CSV or Google Sheets and an API is coming soon. LeadFuze has received positive reviews for its ease-of-use, support, and setup, making it a valuable tool for businesses and recruiters seeking efficient and accurate lead generation.