A B2B lead generation tool that enables tracking and conversion of website visitors into high-value leads.
1Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation software that provides website visitor tracking. The software helps businesses identify the companies that are visiting their websites, how they found the websites, and more. With Leadfeeder, businesses can convert these website visitors into high-value leads. The software offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required. Leadfeeder has a pricing structure that matches different business needs. It offers a free plan with no time limit, allowing unlimited users but with data from only the last 7 days and a maximum of 100 identified companies. Paid plans start at $139 per month, paid annually, and provide unlimited visits data storage, unlimited users, and are based on the number of identified companies. Leadfeeder's software allows businesses to identify website visitors by revealing the names of the companies visiting the websites. It also provides insights into the exact behavior of these visiting companies. Leadfeeder has a unique database of static and dynamic IP addresses that helps identify remote workers. The software is trusted by over 60,000 salespeople, marketers, and agencies who use Leadfeeder to get better results. For sales teams, Leadfeeder helps find ready-to-buy sales leads, allowing businesses to beat competitors to the sale. Leadfeeder also helps build better sales pitches by providing insights into the content prospects are interested in. Leadfeeder integrates with popular tools like Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Slack, Google Chat, Looker Studio, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Zapier. These integrations facilitate seamless data transfer between Leadfeeder and other CRM or marketing automation platforms. Leadfeeder prides itself on the quality of its leads. They automatically filter out bots, ISPs, and other valueless traffic, ensuring that the lead list is clean and relevant. Users can also filter and hide unwanted companies themselves to focus on quality leads. Leadfeeder has a track record of improving lead identification since 2012. Leadfeeder offers a comprehensive FAQ section and provides quick support through a chat icon on their website. The software is fully compliant with GDPR requirements, and users are recommended to include Leadfeeder in their privacy policy along with other analytics tools. In summary, Leadfeeder is a powerful B2B lead generation software that helps businesses identify and convert website visitors into high-value leads. It offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs and integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms. With features like lead identification, behavior tracking, and data quality filtering, Leadfeeder empowers businesses to generate quality leads from website traffic and gain a competitive edge in sales and marketing.