An open source platform for creating event-driven email, Slack, SMS campaigns, and user journeys.
Laudspeaker is an open source user messaging platform that allows users to create event-driven email, Slack, SMS campaigns, notifications, and user journeys. With Laudspeaker, customers can easily onboard their users with tours and checklists, as well as continue to engage them with email, SMS, push notifications, and more. The platform offers a drag and drop editor for designing customer journeys across multiple channels, including in-app modals, emails, SMS, and push notifications. Personalization and customization are made easy with the ability to trigger campaigns for specific user segments and incorporate complex conditions, A/B testing, and time delays. Laudspeaker supports a variety of messaging channels, including email, Slack, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages, and offers an in-app SDK for integrating with custom components. Customers can also send data to other services through customizable webhooks. The platform allows users to create targeted segments based on user actions, previous messages, attributes, and manual lists or imports from CSV files or databases. Integration with external data sources and product events is supported, and Laudspeaker provides metrics tracking to measure the success of messaging journeys in terms of open rates, click-through rates, messages sent, and conversion rates. A/B testing can be conducted to refine messaging journeys, and the platform offers a template builder with a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor for designing responsive emails, text messages, push notifications, and more. Laudspeaker also provides documentation, guides, and a community Slack for support and tips.