Aids in global payroll consolidation and EOR. Simplifies onboarding, ensures compliance, and reduces payment errors.
Lano is a global payroll consolidation and Employer of Record (EOR) platform that simplifies the process of onboarding and paying people in over 170 countries while ensuring 100% compliance. With Lano, you can focus on finding the talent, while they take care of everything else. The platform has helped over 2,000 companies expand their global teams faster, entering new markets in less than 6 months. Onboarding new employees abroad takes less than 2 weeks, saving an impressive 80 hours per new employee. Lano has also achieved a 98% reduction in payment errors, resulting in significant cost savings of over €100k per year. The platform offers various features and solutions to streamline your global workforce management. Payroll Consolidation allows you to bring together your global payroll data for all entities, providers, and employment types, providing a single source of truth. The EOR & Payroll solution enables you to onboard, manage, and pay teams in 170+ countries, taking care of complex compliance and local labor law requirements. Lano also offers a Payments feature that allows you to pay your employees and contractors in their local currency with just one click, supporting over 50 currencies. Integrations with existing payroll and HR tech stack systems ensure Lano can seamlessly connect with your existing tools. The platform is trusted by global teams and has received positive feedback from clients, such as Alice Perraut, HR Business Partner, who credits Lano for their quick international expansion, and Bharat Siyani, VP of People, who estimates that Lano has potentially saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. On top of its core functionalities, Lano provides additional resources through its Academy, where users can access guides on global hiring and payroll best practices. In conclusion, Lano is a comprehensive solution for global payroll consolidation and EOR, helping companies expand their teams worldwide while managing compliance and reducing costs. With its user-friendly platform, extensive country coverage, and success stories from satisfied customers, Lano is a reliable choice for businesses looking to simplify and optimize their global workforce management.