A platform enabling easy mobile app development via drag and drop, without coding skills.
Kodika.io is a no code app builder that simplifies mobile app development. With Kodika, users can build iOS and Android apps using a drag and drop interface, without the need for coding skills. The platform offers various features to enhance the app development process, including app templates, in-app purchases, native iOS and Android apps generation, native features support, instant preview on devices, and integration with favorite and trusted tools. Users can build a wide range of apps, such as news apps, food ordering apps, utility and productivity apps, web radio apps, e-commerce apps, and in-house enterprise apps. Kodika also provides ready-to-use apps for web radio, customizable list apps, and custom church apps. The platform offers 100% freedom on pixel-perfect designs, with 30+ drag and drop components and dynamic lists and grids. With advanced logic using low code and no code, users can add functionality to events, preview changes instantly, write custom logic, and achieve native performance and offline support. Kodika also allows integration with 3rd party services, Zapier integration, and the ability to import JSON API endpoints. Additional features include plugins for online audio and video player, location manager, QR code reader, localization, review app in app store or Google Play, local notifications, haptics and system sounds. The platform also provides an automated release process for iOS and Android apps. Users can download the Kodika Studio on Mac and iPad, and there is a community forum, documentation, and support available for users.